Elyar Fox covers Katy Perry's 'Roar' - Watch

So you know how we tend to yap on about up-and-coming pop kiddo Elyar Fox every so often? Well we haven't for a while, so it's probably about time we said something about him again. While we've been sat here twiddling our thumbs waiting for new music, Els has been on the charm offensive - performing to gazillions of fans up and down the country and basically making everyone everywhere fall in love with him. Hooray.

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And guess what? He's only gone and covered Katy Perry's mahoosive hit Roar and chucked it on the internet, hasn't he? it doesn't involve him swinging about in the jungle in nothing but a leopard print thong, unfortunately. But it'll do.

Elyar Fox covers Katy Perry's Roar - Elyar Fox images - sugarscape.com

If you're a fan of fit popstars holding cats (!!!) and singing quite good songs, the thing going on in the little box below might be of interest. CLICK THE TRIANGLE PLAY BIT IN THE MIDDLE AND THANK US LATER.

Amazing. Could only be improved with the removal of clothing.

What d'ya make of Elyar's cover? Comments please and a-thank you.

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