One Direction announce 1D Day - a 7 hour livestream taking place on November 23rd

First One Direction had crotch hugging trousers and enormous hair. Then they had a couple of albums, a shelf load of awards and their very own movie. But forget all that because now the lads are so big and famous that they're getting their very own holiday with the very first 1D Day set to place on November 23rd.

Oh and did we mention, they'll be celebrating with a livestream? A SEVEN HOUR LONG LIVESTREAM.

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One Direction announce 1D Day. 1D images -

Ok so it's not technically a national holiday, but in our opinion it might as well be. Gawd knows we'll be getting holiday jumpers and festive biscuits for the occasion, but actually, instead of celebrating the lads themselves, 1D Day is all about the lads thanking you lot for being incredible.

Taking to the magical invention that is the world wide web to announce the news, Liam said: "We've had such an amazing three years and we couldn't have done it without you guys, so we put all our heads together and came up with the idea of 1D Day."

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"On the 23rd of November, we will be taking part in a seven hour livestream," Niall continued. "But this is no ordinary livestream and there will be celebrity guests, special features AND you will get the chance to suggest ideas for the show."

Erm, naked wrestling anyone?

Check out the full announcement and how to get involved below:

The lads want as many people to get involved as possible, so keep and eye out on their twitters and the new 1D Day website for more info on how to submit your ideas and videos.

We're not being funny but we've got several suggestions of things we'd like to see. Starting with Veronica Malik teaching us how to work a power brow.

But what do YOU want to see happen? Let us know below...

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