The Jonas Brothers cancel tour days before first show: "There's a deep rift between the band"

Seeing as we love nothing more than staring at topless photos of The Jonas Brothers, and fully clothed ones as well if we HAVE to, we were getting majorly excited about the three of them heading off on tour together getting all sweaty and playing instruments.

But now our dreams have been well and truly dashed because The JoeBros have cancelled their upcoming American tour just *days* before their first show - and it's sparking rumours that it's because of a brotherly spat turned sour. Gah.

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Jonas Brothers cancel their tour days before first performance: "There's a deef rift in the band" - Jonas Brothers images -

Yep, it seems the three amigos won't be hitting the road together anytime soon as they've ditched their first full tour as The Jonas Brothers in bloody ages - and apparently we have the classic 'differing musical directions' to thank for it all. 

Their spokesman Jesse Derris bluntly told People magazine: "There is a deep rift between the band. There was a big disagreement over their musical direction." Oh that old chestnut. It's basically the phrase behind all band break ups ever.

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Jesse revealed that this new feud might lead to the delay of their upcoming album V or worst of all, SPELL THE END OF THE JOEBROS ALTOGETHER. Gah. He added that the future of the band 'remains to be seen' and now us ever getting out of bed again 'remains to be seen' as well *sob*.

Jonas brothers cancel their upcoming tour days before first show: "There's a deep rift in the band" - Jonas Brothers images -

We're just really hoping the boys have fallen out over something stupid, like Nick deleting Kevin's recorded episode of Hollyoaks or Joe using the last of Nick's hair gel - bascially, something they can get through together after a little family therapy.

Well, this isn't the greatest news we've heard today, but what do you make of all this? Are you disappointed The Jonas Brothers won't be heading out on tour together? Let us know...

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