Niall Horan on One Direction's new single 'Story of my Life': 'It's a very passionate song'

How many times have you listened to One Direction's sparkly new single Story of my Life so far? What do you *mean* only 1396? Please tell us you've at least listened to it while recreating that Circle of Life Simba scene from The Lion King with your cat, then? Oh good. Us too.

Well while we've been listening to our new fave tune on actual constant repeat for just over twenty four hours, Niall Horan's actually said a few things about it with his magnificent little Mullingar-born mouth - and he reckons it's well passionate and stuff.

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Niall Horan on Story of my Life - Niall Horan images -

Having a chinny chin chinwag with Capital FM, Nialler said: "This track is not actually one that we wrote this time. A good friend of ours and a songwriter called Jamie Scott who's in a band called Graffti6 – he wrote this song. He's written a few for us before like More Than This and on the last few albums

"He's written a lot with us on this album too. We were in Nottingham on tour when we were touring the UK back in February and March and we just came into a room one day and he was like 'I've got this song that I've written and I want to play you'. And we just fell in love with it the second we heard it."

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Same, babycakes.

One Direction Story of my Life - One Direction images -

And he didn't stop yapping there. He continued: "It's up there with the best that we've brought out but Story of my Life might just take it. It's a very passionate song and when you see the video that goes with it, it suits it as well."

AGH. What d'ya reck? Is it the boys' best single? Expectations for the vid? Comments please.

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