One Direction to host 'Midnight Memories' album listening party on The CW

Right, we're so ridiculously excited for One Direction's new album Midnight Memories that we set our alarms for midnight every night, light a candle, do a weird chant and whisper our favourite 1D memory three times into the mirror. Last night it was Louis Tomlinson doing Hey There Delilah.

ANYWAY, the fellas have just announced that they're gonna be holding a special one-off telly show on The CW in America on December 9th. Can we get a 'hooray', a 'huzzah' and an 'ooh la la', please?

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One Direction album listening party on The CW - One Direction images -

Ryan Seacrest of being quite fit and popular fame's gonna be hosting the shenanigans from the iHeartRadio Theater in Los Angeles on November 22nd, and the whole bloody thing's gonna be on tellyboxes across the pond on December 9th (and probably on YouTube about 0.3 seconds later).

Apparently there's gonna be live performances, a Q&A sesh *and* the whole thing's gonna be repeated on actual Christmas Day. Who needs Santa? (Please still come if you're reading this though, beardy one).

One Direction album listening party - One Direction images -

Well this is all a bit exciting, innit? How are you gonna prepare your eyes and ears for the beautiful moment? Comments please and a-thank you, sausage muffins.

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