One Direction 'Story of my Life' music video accidentally published 48 hours early by VEVO

Here we were, patiently waiting for Sunday to roll around so we could watch One Direction's hotly anticipated  'Story of my Life' music video, when VEVO went ahead and ACCIDENTALLY PUBLISHED IT EARLY. Gah.

The emotional vid - which the boys have been teasing for the past week with adorable family photo album snaps - was set live by the media channel 48 hours before the scheduled release, and although they were quick to remove it after realising the error, Directioners were quicker.

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Yep, several speedy fans moved with lightening speed to film the vid on camera phones, before posting the low quality version to YouTube.

Now, we don't want to ruin the premiere of the official video, so we haven't included a link to the ripped version.

However, we may have had a sneaky watch (SORRY NOT SORRY) and it's actually BETTER THAN WE EVEN IMAGINED. In fact we still feel a bit weepy.

One Direction Story of my Life artwork - One Direction images -

Many fans have taken to twitter to express their anger over the leak, as they're worried it will affect One Direction's chances at breaking the VEVO record of 'most viewed in 24 hours', currently held by Miley Cyrus.

VEVO, meanwhile, are yet to comment on the incident. What do you make of this?

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