Album review: The Wanted - 'Word of Mouth'

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What's the story?

In approximately 300 BC (it was actually 2011, but whatever) The Wanted released their last album Battleground, and a lot's happened since. They've been snapped up by Justin Bieber MASTERMIND Scooter Braun, starred in their own E! reality telly show The Wanted Life, been through make-ups and break-ups (Nathan Sykes and Ariana Grande happened, Max George and Michelle Keegan didn't) and released about a million singles.

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Well now it's 2013, and the boys are *finally* back with their latest offering Word of Mouth. HOORAY.

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How does the album pan out?

D'ya know what? This one's a bit of a mixed bag...and we're sort of working out if that's a good or bad thing. While the lads' last album was a moody, air-grabby affair, Word of Mouth's diverse to say the bloody least. You've got the ravey BANGERZ (I Found You), slushy ballads (Show Me Love (America)) and a few we managed to forget while they were actually still playing.

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We'd listen to it...

While planning our Nariana wedding outfit.

Tracks most likely to top the charts:

Er...are there any tracks that haven't been singles left (we kid, there are)? We've gotta say we've fallen in love with a few. Summer Alive makes us wanna spontaneously book a flight to Magaluf and have a few fizzy waters (it doesn't exactly scream 'Christmas single' for this very reason, though), Love Sewn's got everything you want from a boyband ballad and Glow in the Dark's got a funny disco-y bit shoved over the top of it for good measure.

After listening to it we felt like...

Relieved? We've been waiting to have it in and around our ears for so bloody long that, by the time it'd finished, we let out a massive sigh and yelped 'OH THANK GAHD'.

What they say:

Here you go, sorry it took us a while.

What we say:

Thanks and you're forgiven, fellas.


7.5/10. Word of Mouth could probably have gone from Good Boyband Album territory to Great Boyband Album status if it was a bit shorter. There are some amazing tracks on there that we're gonna be going back to a *lot*, but there's a bit of filler too. It's definitely worth the wait, though...and we're never really ones to turn down a boyband, let's be honest.

The Wanted's Jay McGuiness shaves off half his hair, and throws the chopped-off curls into the crowd - PICS

Nathan Sykes and Ariana Grande have a coupley moment in the rain out in London - PICS

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