Ariana Grande announces she's releasing new Christmas music including a cover of Wham!'s 'Last Christmas'

Here at Sugarscape HQ we played our first Christmas song of the year at 2:07pm on October 19th (it was Justin Bieber's Under the Mistletoe, in case you were wondering). And ever since then we've been *dying* to don our Rudolph jumper, scream 'Merry Christmas' a la JLS's JB Gill at unsuspecting commuters and chain-eat (yep, that's a thing) 55 mince pies. And d'ya know what we're even more excited about? The fact Ariana Grande's releasing frickin' Christmas songs.

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Ariana Grande. Christmas. Songs. IT'S THE DREAM.

Ariana Grande Christmas - Ariana Grande images -

Yup, Ariana took to Twitter last night to announce: "I'm releasing new music for Christmas! New song every week as a countdown to the holidays starting Nov19. Beyond excited to share them w/ U!" [sic]. And guess what? The first one's  cover of our actual fave. She added: "The 1st song #LastChristmas out Nov 19 ?? I can't wait for u to hear our spin on it. There will be originals as well! Hope u love the music." [sic].

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Oh we will love it, babes. Shall we have a watch of Ari covering All I Want for Christmas to tide us over? LET'S.


What d'ya reckon? Excited? Wanna see Nathan Sykes in the Mean Girls Santa outfit doing Baby, It's Cold Outside? Comments 'plz'.

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