Ed Sheeran unveils 'I See Fire' music video - Watch

The last time we saw Ed Sheeran in a music video-type scenario, he was hanging out with a mini version of himself and his pal Taylor Swift in Everything Has Changed. Other than that, though, we've been patiently twiddling our thumbs waiting for new el Sheerzo solo shiz. And guess what? Today's the blinkin' day, innit?

Yep - our favourite ginger-haired, musically-talented human being's just chucked the music video for his new tune I See Fire on that thing they call the internet, and it's one of those broody black and white studio affairs.

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Ed Sheeran I See Fire music video - Ed Sheeran images - sugarscape.com

Eduardo's new track's taken from The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug, but he isn't actually dressed up as a Hobbit, unfortunately. Actually, maybe a bit. If you squint. Yeah.

Check out Ed's vid below and have a little sway with the person next to you. We don't even care if you're on the bus. Spread the love.


Whaddaya think? Excited for Ed's next album? Comments please and a-thank you.

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