Ariana Grande covers Justin Bieber's 'Be Alright' - Watch

Usually, when popstars become actually massive, they sort of leave the whole singing-in-front-of-webcam-in-their-rooms thing behind in favour of big arena shows and all that malarky. But not Ariana Grande. Nu-uh. She's still, like, totally down-to-earth and relatable and loves chucking the odd cover on the interweb.

Well now Ari's given us her own take on potential brothel fan Justin Bieber's Be Alright off of the Believe album. And if you didn't wanna be her enough already, you're gonna wanna be now.

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Ariana Grande covers Justin Bieber's Be Alright - Ariana Grande images -

Ariana uplaoded her new cover as part of this #lullabyfriday thing, saying: "Pretty tired here but i adore this song.. 1 of my favs from Believe. hope you enjoy X" And d'ya knwo what? We did bloody enjoy it. Check out the tune below. 

Oh hey, voice of actual angels coated in candyfloss and unicorn silk.

What d'ya reckon? Loving the cover? Wanna hear this Bieber/Grande collab they've both been teasing forevs? Comments please.

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