Ariana Grande sings acoustic version of 'The Way' and it's all kinds of incredible - Watch

So here's the deal - not only is Ariana Grande a rather good actress, dating one of pop's fittest fellas and a perpetual wearer of nice clothes, but her voice is insane too. Like...actually insane. Four decibels of pure insanity. And she likes to show it off a bit.

We've all seen Ariana officially making it Christmas with her rendition of Jingle Bell Rock (if you haven't, watch it. NOW), and now we reckon we're ready to see an acoustic version of The Way. Oh, and would you look at that? It's actually bloody happened.

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Ariana Grande sings acoustic version of The Way - Ariana Grande images -

Yup - Ari gave SB:TV a little sing-song in the swankiest of swanky rooms...and we reckon we might have some competition when it comes to our shower singing. Ahem. Check out her performance below.

Actually incredible.

What d'ya reckon? Loving the acoustic version? Comments please.

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