Joe Jonas reveals plans to make new solo music, and it may involve 'hip-hop and dance' vibes

Since the Jonas Brothers announced that they’ve officially gone their separate ways, our life has been a whirlwind of emotion, with Love Bug playing quietly in the background, images of a shirtless Nick Jonas floating around in our brains, and the thought of whether we’d ever hear their sweet angelic voices again.

But there is finally a very small, hopeful light at the end of the tunnel, as the ever-dreamy Joe has revealed that he’s already working on some solo music, which may or may not feature ‘hip-hop and dance’ influence. We did say it was a VERY SMALL LIGHT.

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Joe Jonas

Joe sent out his warning spilled his exciting career news in an interview with Nylon magazine, where he admitted that while it might be the end of the Jo Bros, it’s definitely not the end of the Jo Jo. Thank GAWD.

“I’ve been reaching out to a lot of musicians and producers that I would like to work with”, Joe revealed to the mag, filling our hearts with joy and hopes of a Camp Rock cover album.

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“I don’t really know way the music is going to sound like, but I can tell you what I like–hip-hop, indie, dance music, pop”, he added, citing Pharrell and Phantogram has his faves.

Jonas Brothers

So can we all just stop for a minute and picture Joe Jonas aggressively rapping a Kanye West number, while rocking curly hair and a guitar like The Kooks, while throwing a few dubstep shapes around, WHILE still maintaining his true pop roots. Sounds like a terrifying dream we had once.

ONLY JOKING. We’re about 91% sure that Joe’s solo music will be absolutely awesome and will hopefully fill the void that the Jonas Brothers have left in our hearts and ice cream stash. We eat when we’re sad, shut up.

Excited by the prospect of solo music from Joe? Would you like to see him try something a bit different from his usual pop roots?

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