Gig review: Busted hit London's SSE Wembley Arena

Here's what we thought of the first Pigs Can Fly show

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Busted Pigs Can Fly

A lot's happened since Busted last played London's Wembley Arena. We've had Fightstar, Son of Dork and Matt Willis the solo artist (still listen to 'Up All Night' on the regular and not even sorry.) Social media is now a thing. Taking photos of our brunch has become almost as integral to our daily routine as brushing our teeth. One thing that hasn't changed, though, is our love of James Bourne, Matt Willis and Charlie Simpson.

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Well, we thought Charlie Simpson acted like a bit of a dick for a while but EVERYTHING'S FORGIVEN CHARLIE SORRY WE ACTED ALL HASTY.

Anyway, following McBusted's phenomenal success Charlie decided he was ready to go back to his roots and rejoin the Busted boys; and last night the three of 'em played the first night of their Pigs Can Fly tour. It was their first gig in over a decade, which means a) we don't have to keep listening to A Ticket For Everyone *pretending* we're at a Busted gig and b) we've got some stuff to say about it.

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That stuff is as follows:

The stage

Christ alive, it's a big one. Not only are there the standard snazzy screens and lights you usually get at this kinda thing, but the whole 'pig sty' idea is insane. Basically loads of fans are properly involved in the show, standing at the back of the stage in pig pen-esque things and making the opening MASSIVE.

There's also a b-stage so those with shitty tickets still get a proper good look at the boys and, yeah, we'd be lying if we said there wasn't a massive inflatable pig hanging from the ceiling.

Never trust anybody who doesn't love a massive inflatable pig.

The setlist

Seeing as Busted were in the minority in the whole McBusted thing and we've been waiting TWELVE YEARS aka approximately 4380 days for a Busted comeback, we were hoping for all the album tracks *and* b-sides.

Realistically, though, they were only ever gonna do about 20 songs. And what we got was the perfect balance of nostalgia trip and new stuff. The lads kicked things off with a huge performance of 'Coming Home' (it comes to LIFE in an arena), before bashing out all the old faves like 'You Said No' and 'Crashed the Wedding.'

We also got two brand spankin' new songs; 'Easy,' 'One of a Kind.' Both equally awesome and got us pumped for album three.

What were the best bits, then?

Where do we even start? Right, so:

  • We sort of forgot how much we're in love with Charlie's voice. Dreeeamy.
  • HOW HAPPY JAMES LOOKED PLAYING THE KEYTAR. You can tell 'One of a Kind' is his jam.
  • McFly were sat near us. That was nice.
  • We also sat near a member of V. REMEMBER V? They supported Busted back in the day, so that's very cute.
  • '3 AM.' Do you understand how pissed we were McBusted never did that?
  • 'Thunderbirds Are Go' aka Busted's best/most underrated song.
  • Matt's stage presence, 'cos he's generally awesome.
  • The opening. It's huge.
  • 'Why.' That's Charlie's song and he killed it. Such a moment.
  • 'Sleeping With the Light On' was cute.

Any bits that weren't so good?

Um, we really missed 'Nerdy' and 'Britney' tbh. Also here were some technical issues half way through that kinda killed the vibe for a minute or so but, hey, first night and that *shrugs*.

Rating out of five:

Let's just say we're over the bloody moon they're back with Charlie and never, ever wanna experience such an empty twelve years again, eh?

4.5 1

Thoughts on that, then? Are you off to see the Pigs Can Fly show? IF NOT WHY NOT? Tweet us over @sugarscape, please and ta very much.


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