Troye Sivan gets hit by a water bottle at his Sydney show

Not cool, really

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All was going well for Troye Sivan: a Rolling Stone Australia cover, big success with the Blue Neighbourhood album, loads of sell out shows. Then he got hit in the head with a bloody water bottle in Sydney last night, which isn't ideal really.

YouTuber-come-popstar-type Troye's currently gallivanting round the world on tour and is currently back in his home country doin' his thang over there. All sounds great, no? Well it *is*, just not when fans decide to lob water bottles at their fave in a bid to get a bit of attention. Hmm.

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Troye was chatting to the crowd between tracks when one overexcited fan decided to chuck an empty bottle in his direction; accidentally hitting him on the noggin in front of errrrybody. Now lucky the lad wasn't hurt or anything, but it's all a bit Harry Styles circa On The Road Again tour for our liking.

Y'know when he got hit by that Red Bull can or whatever it was and everyone kicked off? Yeah, it's just not cool is it?

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Check out what happened IN MOTION below, if that's your kinda thing.


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Troye Sivan
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