Justin Bieber plays Beethoven on hotel piano, absolutely nails it

Beauty and a Beet-hoven

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It's no secret Justin Bieber's talented af. The lad can sing, dance, rap *and* basically pioneered the whole YouTube popstar movement nine years ago to this very day; so obviously we ain't surprised he's nailed a bit of Beethoven on classical piano. No biggie.

JB's shown off his mad sick piano skills in the past, but we don't think we've ever actually heard him playing some composer-type critter Ludwig's work before. EDGY.

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Also if *this* doesn't convert your dad into a fully-fledged Belieber, we don't know what will tbh.

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Basically Bieber was hanging out at this fancypants Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills last night and thought he'd treat everybody to a bit of 'Für Elise' by everybody's favourite BEETHOVEN. At this point we could make a really shit 'Beauty and a Beet-hoven' joke, but yeah. We're above that.

Sort of.

Wanna see what went down? Check out his skillzzzz below, yo.

Für Elise - Ludwig Van... Bieber

A video posted by Josh Miller (@joshymill) on


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