Conor Maynard covers Zayn Malik's 'PILLOWTALK'

Our ears be like 'YAAAS'

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We kinda thought nothing could come close to our 7am shower rendition of Zayn Malik's 'PILLOWTALK,' until Conor Maynard decided to get *his* vocal chops around it and show us up for the appalling vocalists we truly are. SPOILSPORT.

Yup - y'all know we love a good Conor cover (and original song - where they at, bae?), and this time he's teamed up with his pal Anth (just the forename, very 'ZAYN' babes) on some form of rooftop to cover what might just be this week's UK number 1 single. Ooh.

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Stripping down (NOT LIKE THAT) the massive tune, Conor's been sitting about on top of a building with nothing but his piano (not sure how they got that up there tbh) and one of those fancy microphone things and doin' his thang. What with him and his bro Jack Maynard all over YouTube rn it's just a wonderful world to live in, innit?

Wanna hear Conor's cover? Of course you do, honey. Don't lie to yourself.

Lovely jubbly.

What d'ya make of that then, eh? Give us a tweet over @sugarscape or drop a comment in the box below, please. CHEERS HUN.


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