The Vamps talk dealing with bullies as they hit Action 4 Bullying for Sport Relief


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The Vamps boys are charitable chaps, aren't they? In the past they've designed Christmas cards for the NSPCC, joined up with loads of YouTuber-types on 'Oh Cecilia (Breaking My Heart)' for Teenage Cancer Trust and all that malarky; and now they've been down to Action 4 Bullying to see why Sport Relief donations are so important.

Yup - James, Brad, Tristan and Connor hit up Erdington Six Ways Baptist Church in Birmingham to check out the youth project which sets out to support young people affected by bullying. So obviously we had to chat to 'em all about it. WE DON'T LIKE MISSING OUT. WE GET FOMO OKAY?

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'Ello, boys. What are you lot doing down at Action 4 Bullying today?

James: Action 4 Bullying is really close to where Connor and Brad grew up, so it's nice for them to see what's happening in the local community; but we all came down to see the awesome work that the project is doing. We've never been to a project like this before and it's nice to meet children that are feeling the benefits of Action 4 Bullying and that are on a positive journey. It's been great for us to see.

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Why do you think it's so important we all support and fundraise for Sport Relief?

James: Sport Relief is just such a beneficial cause, why wouldn't you want to get involved?!
Taking part in the Games or even just fundraising is great sense of achievement
and you can keep fit and healthy while you do it. Supporting Sport Relief means
kids like the ones at Action 4 Bullying can get the support they need; they can
make friends and grow their confidence.

How have you boys dealt with bullies in the past? Any advice for anyone who might be going through it right now?

Brad: We've all experienced bullying at some point so knowing that projects like Action 4
Bullying which is haven aside from school, where you can speak with people in
the same situation is so reassuring. Seeing it first-hand is really nice and it's
obvious how much of an impact Action 4 Bullying has on the kids. As for advice,
I would say you are going to be okay; it will stop, you'll grow up and get your
life together and it will all be fine.

What's the most inspirational thing you've seen today, then?

James: We've meet people that have clearly experienced a lot of trauma through bullying. When they're here it seems to completely escape them. It's like they're together enjoying themselves as a unit of positive energy; it's been really inspiring.

Connor: There was one girl that told us she has Tourette's and you could see when she wasn't speaking to us that she was having these ticks, but then when she came over she was really pushing herself to speak to us and start a conversation. She knew what she wanted to do and didn't want her Tourette's to hold her back; that was amazing to see her properly come out of her comfort zone, we could see that happening right in front of us and it was wicked.

Tristan: There's a lot of energy here. None of the children seem sad, they're all up for having a good time even though beyond these four walls they might not be having the best of times. When they come here, you can tell they're trying to make an effort and meet new people that they can relate to. You can see that the project working and that they're having a good time; they're not losing hope.

Brad: There was a lad called Alex when we sat in the circle, I remember him because he supported Man United. He told us that he had been bullied throughout his whole school life which is really hard. I went and played pool with him and he beat me, its little things like that; seeing people in an environment where they are away from all of the bad things, away from school and getting bullied. He's here, he's really good at pool and he's having a laugh with his mates, it's really nice to see.

Check out the fellas playing a bit of HUMAN HUNGRY HIPPOS below, if that's your kinda thing. Like, why *wouldn't* it be?


What d'ya make of that, then? Wanna donate to Sport Relief after hearing all the good shiz goin' down at Action 4 Bullying? Tweet us over @sugarscape or drop a comment in the box below while you're at it, please and a-thank you.

The Vamps are encouraging everyone to get behind Sport Relief by signing up to run, walk, swim or cycle themselves proud at the Sainsbury's Sport Relief Games on March 18-20. To find out more visit


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