Rihanna and Drake drop two music videos for 'Work'

Prepare to see Badgal RiRi and Drizzy getting steamy af

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Whether you're currently busy at school, work or swinging your cat around your head without a worry in the world, stop doing it and turn your attention this way: DRAKE AND RIHANNA HAVE DROPPED THE MUSIC VIDEO(S) FOR 'WORK' AND THEY'RE FIIIIIRE.

It's getting hot and steamy af over in the world of Rihanna and Drake, as they drop two videos worth of grinding, twerking and basically 7.34 minutes of RiRi living up to her, er, Badgal name.

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Just a word of warning - you might not want to watch this one whilst your gmas in the room, but it's AMAZING and luckily for all involved, hasn't just dropped on Tidal but on Vevo for all us normal folk to watch too. 

Oh, and it also looks like the art director/some big honcho couldn't decide which video they preferred so they shoved two separate ones together - and we have zero complains about that whatsoever.

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What about you lot? Thoughts? Let's discuss how UHMAZING Rihanna and Drake's music video for 'Work' is overe on our twitter @Sugarscape, y'all.


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