Justin Bieber teases new song 'Insecurities' on the Purpose Tour in Oregon

'Love Yourself' viiibes

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As if we weren't already impatient af waiting for Justin Bieber's Purpose Tour to roll round our neck of the woods this October (SO FAR AWAY), he's only gone and chucked a brand new song into the show in Portland, Oregon like it ain't no thang.

You might already be aware that JB has this little sit-down acoustic section in the show with 'Love Yourself,' Cody Simpson collab "Home to Mama' and other such bops chucked in there; and now he's treated fans to a track everyone reckons is called 'Insecurities.'

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Basically it's adorable and screams NEW SINGLE and we're totally getting 'Love Yourself'/'Yellow Raincoat' vibes from it.

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The track's kinda 'What Makes You Beautiful'/'Little Things'-esque in that it's all about making a girl forget the shit that ruins her self-esteem and saying 'hey bae, you're actually pretty perfect.' Whoever filmed it has a phone from potentially 2006, but the song itself sounds bloody brilliant and y'all can listen to it below if you fancy:

TOO GOOD. We're gonna need the studio version ASAP please, babes.

What d'ya make of the tune, then? Give us a tweet over @sugarscape and all that malarky - you know the drill. GRACIAS.


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