All Time Low release 'Missing You' music video

We're not crying. Nope. Not at all.

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All Time Low

If, like us, you've been obsessed with All Time Low's Future Hearts album for the best part of a year now you'll be well chuffed to hear that we've *finally* got a music video for one of our fave tracks; 'Missing You.' Oh, and it's an emotional one.

The vid sees Alex, Jack, Rian and Zack video calling loads of fans from around the world for a bit of a chat like it ain't no thang. Not entirely sure how any of 'em kept their cool when faced with the four fellas on their screens, but there you go. It's all very cute, adorable and similar adjectives.

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Basically the whole premise is that the ATL boys have helped loads of fans through struggles and the highs and lows in their lives; and they just wanna reach out and say thank you, y'know? It's sort of like 5SOS's 'Jet Black Heart' video in that it's proper emotional and, yeah, we cried.


Check out the 'Missing You' video in the fancy box thingy below, if you fancy. OH GO ON.

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Legit bawling at this point. Barry from I.T's expressed concern.

What d'ya make of the video, then? Desperate for some kind of ATL Skype sesh yourself? Tweet us over @sugarscape and stuff, please. Cheers.


Just 15 pics of 5SOS looking fit and sweaty at their Sheffield show tbh
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