Nick Jonas releases 'Chainsaw' music video

Bloody hell

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Nick Jonas has some kind of chain fetish. After releasing 'Chains' back in 2014 (or 2015 in some parts of the world, whatever), he's only gone and chucked out the music video for the second Last Year Was Complicated single 'Chainsaw.' And OH, it's dramatic af.

Nicholas Jerry's already admitted that the track - much like 'Champagne Problems' - is about his break-up with ex-gal pal Olivia Culpo; saying it's his 'most personal song' ever with a 'vulnerability' about it. Cute.

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Chatting about the tune to Vogue, Nick said: "Collaborating with [director] Luke Monaghan was really special as this is an incredibly personal song and the performance in the video had to represent that.

"Also, getting to work with my close friend Sara Sampaio was amazing. Not only is she gorgeous, but her acting skills were definitely on display in her performance."

GAH can June 10th just hurry tf up now, please? We need this album.

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Check out Nick's 'Chainsaw' video below. If that doesn't work for whatever reason, you might wanna head over to Vogue 'cos they apparently have the exclusive. There's plate smashing and everything.


Thoughts on that, then? What an absolute bloody tune. Tweet us over @sugarscape and like us on Facebook after the vid below, please. you know you wanna.


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