5SOS perform 'If You Don't Know' on the Sounds Live Feels Live tour in Amsterdam

But take an absolute fave off the setlist, waa

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Remember how, way before Sounds Good Feels Good came out, 5SOS added it onto the setlist of their first proper arena tour? Well they've only gone and done it again on Sounds Live Feels Live; this time chucking brand spankin' new track 'If You Don't Know' into the show in Amsterdam.

The bad news? It's now replacing 'Beside You' on the setlist. WAAAA NOOOOO etc.

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'If You Don't Know' has this huge, anthemic chorus what makes 'She Looks So Perfect' sound like a Steps song, the most insane guitar solo and basically we're obsessed with it already. Pretty much like we were with 'Permanent Vacation,' but we'd even go as far as to say we like this one more.

Maybe. Potentially. Quite possibly.

Check out the boys' new tun below, if you fancy.

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Calum was well excited to perform the song for the first time, too. He very much TOOK TO TWITTER after the Amsterdam gig to say: "Played 'if you don't know' tonight. I love that song. Can't wait to play it more for you. What other songs do you want to hear?"

What d'ya make of that, then? Loving it? Give us a tweet over @sugarscape and like us on Facebook after this vid, please. TA LOVE.


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