Christina Grimmie's second posthumous music video for track 'Anybody's You' is released

​And it's an absolute heartbreaker.

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After pledging to keep her legacy alive and release the music she was working on before her tragic death, Christina Grimmie's team have now shared the music video for her song, 'Anybody's You'.

As the second of four posthumous videos that will be released  over the coming weeks, the track is taken from Christina's EP Side A, which was released back in February.

Shot and killed as she met fans outside a Florida gig, Christina had been working on videos for each of the tracks. They sit together in a series titled the Ballad of Jessica Blue and in the vids we see a story unfold where Christina plays the title character.

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In the first video, Snow White, she played a musician who sought advice about her music and life from friends. In this second installment, Jessica follows her boyfriend into a building where she suspects he is having an affair with another woman.

Totally heartbreaking and overwhelmingly powerful even without the real life context that has unfolded since these were made, it needs to be seen.

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The last two videos for 'Deception' and 'Without You' will be released on August 25th and September 1st.

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