Exclusive video: Go behind the scenes with Little Mix on their Wishmaker fragrance photoshoot

A treat for the eyes *and* the nostrils

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HIYA. So you know how Little Mix's brand spankin' new scene Wishmaker's very much out now? Well we've got a special surprise for ya. We've only managed to get our paws on an exclusive video of Leigh-Anne, Perrie, Jesy and Jade on the fragrance's photoshoot, haven't we?

Since Wishmaker's basically become our signature smell from now till the end of time (or until the next one comes out, at least), we thought we'd catch up with the girls all about it and find out what they'd wish for if they could have literally anything.

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If you could have one wish, what would it be and why?

Leigh: To have a thousand more wishes.

Perrie: I would wish health, wealth and happiness on my loved ones forever.

Jade: It would be to be in a girl band forever.

Jesy: To have even more wishes.

What song do you wish you'd written?

Leigh: dvsn - 'The Line'

Jesy: 'Uptown Funk'

Perrie: 'Diamonds' by Rihanna. Sia is one of the best singer-songwriters ever. In my opinion up there with Whitney, Mariah and Celine.

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Jade: 'Run the World (Girls)' -  Beyoncé

What's one trend you've tried you wish you hadn't?

Leigh: Velvet Suspender leggings.

Jesy: Gelled-back hair.

Perrie: I don't ever really follow trends, so none tbh.

Jade: UGG boots.

Is there a Little Mix song you wish had been a single?

Leigh:  'I Love You'

Jesy: 'Grown'

Perrie: 'Nothing Feels Like You' from the Salute album

Jade: 'Nothing Feels Like You,' as the Sport Relief single.

What do you wish you could go back and tell your teen self?

Leigh: Don't worry, Leigh-Anne. Your spots will clear up.

Jesy: To not worry and care as much about people think of you.

Perrie: I'd tell her to speak up, tell her to shout out. Talk a bit louder... Be a bit prouder... Tell her she's beautiful, wonderful, everything she doesn't see! Listen to our song 'Little Me'... Pretty much sums it up.

Jade: Not to worry so much and don't try to fit in.

How would you describe the Wishmaker scent to someone like Perrie who can't actually smell? 

Leigh: Sweet and fruity

Jesy: Fun, fresh, sweet and playful

Jade: Wishmaker is very girly, fruity and I love it. It's the sort of smell that people will recognise and always ask what you're wearing.

Wanna see the behind-the-scenes vid? Oh of course you do, honeyhunch. Here ya go:

Lovely jubbly.

Thoughts on that, then? Don't forget to tweet us over @sugarscape, like us on Facebook and go pick up a bottle of Wishmaker to make sure you smell as sweet as a dozen doughnuts dipped in glitter. TA.


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