Exclusive video: Gavin James - 'Nervous (The Ooh Song - Mark McCabe Remix)'

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If you're not all sorts of obsessed with Gavin James yet, what do you think you're playing at pal? His album Bitter Pill's essentially the soundtrack to our entire lives rn and if you haven't had your earhole round it yet we'd suggest you go do that now. GO ON. Do iiiit.

Okay cool.

So now you're as big a fan of Dublin-born Gavin as we are we thought we'd give you a little treat in the form of the fancy new video for the Mark McCabe remix of 'Nervous (Ooh Song).' Hooray and, indeed, hoorah.

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The exclusive vid follows Gavin as he plays loads of festivals and generally just enjoys the two weeks of summer we had this year. We know it's September and everything, but this remix totally brings back those chillin'-in-the-park-with-a-Fab-lolly-in-hand vibes.

Having a chinwag about the remix, Gavin said: ""I'm really passionate about the Irish music community, regardless of genres. 

"We all help each other so when I thought about a remix for this song, Mark McCabe, who's a legend in the Irish dance scene and has supported me from day one, was a collaboration that I knew would totally work for all the right reasons and I'm very delighted it's been received so well, which is exciting."

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Lovely jubbly.

Check out the vid below, if you fancy. It's great.

Thoughts on that, then? Give us a tweet over @sugarscape and don't forget to like us on Facebook while you're at it. TA LOVE.


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