Apparently the girls have been given the chop by Jay-Z's label Roc Nation...

Despite the new line up being pretty cool and their latest songs being totally rocking, the Sugababes have reportedly been dropped from their American  record label Roc Nation.

The girls were made up when they were signed to Jay-Z’s label last year, but The Sun is reporting that due to disappointing sales of their last album Sweet 7, the label has given them the boot.

Life has never really run that smoothly for the girls and before this latest disaster, they were embarking on a legal battle with founding member Keisha who was trying to stop the band calling themselves Sugababes.

The Sugababes performing at the Sweet 7 album launch.

Now to add insult to injury Roc Nation, who are referring to the girls as “former clients”, are interested in signing up Keisha for her solo work. That has to hurt!

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