You'll need to be sitting down for this.

We don't take the claim of something being a treat lightly here at Sugarscape, but these videos of Aston Merrygold, Oritse Williams, JB and Marvin Humes of JLS getting their muscles out, talking about sitting in your laps, blowing kisses at you and chatting about how you're going to be able to touch them is FRICKIN' TREAT-TASTIC.

The boys sat down to tell you about their upcoming film Eyes Wide Open, which - as if you didn't know - is going to be in wonderful, stupendous 3D!

We've got three magnificent videos of the boys talking about their muscles, feeling Oritse's biceps, and generally being the delicious group we know them to be.

Also, you get to see Aston look like he's high-fived himself in the face.

Click on for the videos of pervy joy about their new film...