A few hairy moments with the One Direction boys.

Looks like Justin Bieber's fringe may have its 'most talked about hair' trophy taken off it, as the haircuts of One Direction are swooping in FAST & FURIOUSLY to reign at the top of the barnet banter.

Now, we've all noticed that Liam Payne's hair has changed somewhat over the past year. It's gone from sleek and straight to more, er, voluptuous.

So what's going on? Is he trying to be the new, curliest member of 1D?

"What happened was, we went to a studio and I forgot my hair straighteners," Liam told Heat magazine.

"I didn't do anything, and then I thought I can't be arsed straightening it again."

"It saves time in the morning as well," chips in Niall. Very helpful, thanks for that.

"Yeah," Liam agrees.

"I used to have to get up hours earlier to wash it, dry it, straighten it..."

Bloody hell, sounds like the hair was a full time job! We like the new curly look though, what do you guys reckon?

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