The singer urges the government to help combat it…

Cyber bullying is a huge problem and like many victims X Factor star Cher Lloyd is faced with it all too often.

Now Cher, whose mother received a death threat on twitter last week, has spoken to BBC Newsbeat and called for the government to take more action.

"It disgusts me that online bullying - nobody really cares about it. No-one has made a big enough impact to stop these people. I'd definitely like to see more done about it,” she said.

When the reporter asked to should be putting a stop to it, Cher replied: "I kind of think it's the government."

She continued: "It's one thing writing to me. I'm getting stronger with this stuff, I can take it on the chin but there are girls out there and boys out there that can't take that.”

However she admitted that the gypsy abuse and general nastiness can be difficult to cope with. Click next to find out what she said…