Let's get serious

You may have noticed that we've been LOVING the serious lyrics game over the past few months. OK, so it's a simple idea - celebs reading out their lyrics in a super serious voice - but it makes us laugh A LOT.

It's also very interesting to see how different people take on the challenge. For example, Little Mix and Nathan Sykes went for accents, JLS kept it sexy, McFly couldn't stop laughing at each other and Dappy - well, Dappy was just WEIRD.

serious lyrics montage

Now, as a treat for YOU we've compiled a montage of our favourite moments from all this year's serious lyrics games - and as you all know, nothing beats a montage.

Watch the video below and see for yourselves.


Did you enjoy that?

Watch: McFly play the serious lyrics game and can't stop laughing

Little Mix play the Serious Lyrics game