There really is no greater joy than a Twitter fight

More Twitter based drama for Rita Ora this week as she’s denied claims made by Holly Hagan from Geordie Shore that she allegedly slept with Jay-Z while he was with Beyonce.

Because Jay-Z probably tells Holly everything, right? Right.

Anyway, Holly tweeted about the alleged, supposed and rumoured claims last night;

holly hagan geordie shore rita ora twitter

To which Rita couldn’t keep her fingers still about;

rita ora holly hagan tweet jay-z

Holly was clearly getting a lot of “Why would Jay-Z cheat on Beyonce DO YOU THINK HE’S CRAY CRAY” themed responses, so brought Cheryl Cole in it as an example of a cheated on woman. How lovely of her.

holly hagan geordie shore

Anyway, the girls have both deleted their tweets since, and we’re all just sitting back and enjoying the screen grabs and the drama of it all – whether it’s true or all a pack o’ lies, we just LOVE IT.

What do you make of it?

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