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From The Hunger Games to The Lucky One, we’ve already kicked off the year with some pretty awesome movie adaptations, but there are a lot more coming up in 2012 that we’re itching to have a watch of. The fact that it means some of our favourite characters will be played by hotties including Jeremy Irvine, Chris Hemsworth, Sam Riley, Logan Lerman and a whole load more, hasn't got us complaining either..

Hot boys in book to move adaptations - logan lerman, jeremy irvine, chris hemsworth

Apart from running out of biscuits, there's nothing worse than having to rush a really good book, so here are our top picks of what you should be reading now, so you can feel all clever and knowledgeable in front of your pals when the blockbuster movie versions are released later on this year..  

5. Before I Die by Jenny Downham

This is one of those books where for some unknown reason, they go and change the title for the movie version (not that we’re still sore about the whole Harry Potter and the Sorceror's Stone debacle or anything). So while you might know the book as Before I Go, by the time it gets to the big screen, it’ll be called Now Is Good.

When 17-year old Tessa (Dakota Fanning) is diagnosed with terminal leukaemia, she decides to make the most of the time she has left and determined to live life on the wild side, set her heart on experimenting with everything from shoplifting and doing drugs to having sex with very cute boys while she still has the chance. While this book is definitely a bit of a tearjerker, it is an honest and powerful story of new experiences, good and bad.

If seeing Dakota do an English accent wasn’t enough to get your bum to the cinema, the appearance of her dishy on screen love interest Jeremy Irvine (who you might also know from War Horse) is an extremely large bonus, and has frankly got us out the door and queuing for popcorn already.

In cinemas on 7th June

4. The Perks Of Being A Wallflower by Stephen Chobsky

A classic coming of age story, this is a great one for anyone whose ever had one of those awkward teenage moments (we’re pretty sure that’s everyone, right?). Narrated by an American teenager who calls himself Charlie, it’s a unique portrayal of the highs and lows of living through high school. It's basically a bag load of hormones bound into a book, and living life on the fringe, Charlie is the intriguing boy next door that you can’t help falling a little bit in love with. Even better, he has cracking taste in music and movies that is referenced the whole way through too.

As the book is written as a series of letters to an anonymous friend, we’re really interested to see how this one is going to translate to the big screen, but with Logan Lerman, Ezra Miller and Emma Watson under the direction of author Stephen Chobsky, we’re pretty sure this is going to become an instant classic when it finally hit’s the cinema.

If you’re a fan of The Catcher In The Rye or just fancy a modern update that’s a bit more accessible, then this is one for you and seeing as the film won’t be in cinemas until later on this year, you’ve got a while to really get your teeth into it.

Out September 21st

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