From the camera that didn't get left on a bus... #fail

As you'll know if you read our final write up or any blogs about sex dungeons and men dressed as turtles, Rihanna's 777 tour on a private jet around the world was what would commonly be called "a mindf*ck."

As she remained pretty elusive the entire time, the scenes on the plane were generally of the media on board filming each other, like this;

rihanna 777 tour plane

One day someone even went to the trouble of making "missing" posters of our mysterious leader. The LOLs that took place were quickly replaced with genuinely impressed mutterings of "Where did they find a printer?"

rihanna missing 777 tour

Our favourite bit has to be the hair description; "Black, different shades of brown, also orange, red, sometimes blond strands, half shaven, pink, purple, you get the idea."

rihanna missing poster from 777 plane

But LOOK, she did come and see us all on the very first day. She wandered around pouring out glasses of $300 a bottle Ace of Spades champagne, and generally fooling us all into thinking this would be a regular occurence for the rest of the week.
rihanna 777 tour plane

Which it wasn't, so enjoy these while they last, yeah?

rihanna on 777 plane

The guy next to us kept doing work while we were fannying about at the snacks cart. Look, look at his serious face while he edits video of a plane full of bored people.

rihanna 777 plane working

Speaking of the plane of bored people, here are the press getting off the bus on the first day, all fresh and excited about the plane from LA to Mexico, wondering what the tour would have in store in its shiny, celebrity filled form.

rihanna 777 tour press

Here they are when they realised it was full of waiting around in airports for six hours at a time.

rihanna 777 tour airport waiting