Katy Perry and Rebecca Black get down on Friday, quite literally

We thought it would never happen. Then the day came. It was a beautiful thing. Yes. Katy Perry and Rebecca Black have finally performed Friday on stage together! It was so fun.

Katy Perry has been a long time supporter of YouTube sensation Rebecca Black often performing Friday on her tour and even guest starring Rebecca Black in her music video for Last Friday Night.

So it was only a bit of a surprise when Rebecca Black walked out on stage next to Katy Perry at her California Dreams Concert in Los Angeles on FRIDAY. It had to be Friday.

At the end, Rebecca and Katy shared a hug on stage and Katy screamed, "Give it up for Rebecca Black! Thank you so much Rebecca! That was our moment! We love you Rebecca, give it up!"

Black screamed back, "Love you Katy."

Once Rebecca had exited, Katy cried, "DAMMIT! I love the Internet."

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