Niall confesses his love for a robot. Must be its ball skills.

If Zayn Malik's fringe wasn't enough proof that One Direction are going down like a big pile of sushi in Tokyo, they've also been on pretty much every TV channel describing all their Japanese adventures - which seem to involve singing lots of karaoke (probably not any Taylor Swift) and playing football with robots.

One Direction karaoke and play football with robots in Japan - VIDEOS

Frankly we have no idea going on in any of these vids - they are in Japanese after all. In fact even the lads have got involved speaking the local lingo and MAN they make it look hot.

Saying that, if the screaming and general international reaction are anything to go by, we'd imagine it's along the lines of, "ARGHHH, look it's Harry Styles real life crotch. Can we touch it? I really want to touch it. AND RUB CUCUMBER ROLLS ON IT."

No? Just us then.

If anyone knows why she is waving a giant soft toy clock at them, we'd be very interested in the answer.

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