Talking sex, cannibalism and Nicki Minaj

It used to be a rarity that we could get JLS to talk about anything sexy with us. "Oh no, it's Sugarscape," they'd say. "It feels wrong!" But now, it seems it may still feel wrong but also OH SO RIGHT, if the past month's interviews are anything to go by.

After getting them to read our own made-up "sexy" lyrics down the camera for us (check it out if you're strong of knees and dry of dribble), we asked them to do The Stupid Interview, of course.

jls stupid interview

Marvin obviously remained pretty dignified and managed to stay out of the more sexy questions (which is fine because he had a good chat about having a shag to a JLS song here), but the others really went for it.

JB even used the phrase "horny business" - which was... interesting.

The boys' album Evolution is out NOW, and they've done a whole load more stupid/sexy stuff for us to celebrate it. Check out;

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