Turns out Max is a big softie!

When we sat down with The Wanted boys we were told that Max George 'does not want to talk about Michelle Keegan' and that we shouldn't really ask about it because he wants to keep it all private.

Which is fair enough, but we're nosy so we tried to ask anyway - plus, he was in the big scary chair that they all had to sit in, so we thought he might buckle under the pressure.

He didn't give away too much (read: anything at all) about the proposal, but he did share a little nugget of joy about when he tried to win Michelle over before they were going out.

"I'd never met her and she came to watch a gig we did at the MEN Arena in Manchester," he told us.

"I dedicated a song to her on stage even though I'd never met her. Apparently she was mortified - I just did it for a laugh! I put the cheese in there as well, but it was a joke more than anything.

"It did alright in the end!"

To find out which song he dedicated to Michelle and for the gory details about his first snog, click next to watch the video.