Oooh it's a warm up for her Glastonbury show!

Beyoncé fans will be getting excited about standing in a field of mud this weekend, holding a warm beer, feeling slightly sunstroked and debating between a giant Yorkshire Pudding and an enormous box of noodles as they watch Queen Bee headline the Pyramid Stage.

Beyoncé performed a warm up show in Nice over the weekend - and if that was just the warm up then fans should be in for a right treat when she takes her headline slot.

She sang covers of Queen and Kings of Leon - with Sex Is On Fire being our fave of the night.

This isn't a great video but it's the only one with decent sound we could find on YouTube. Kings of Leon kicks in at the 5 minute mark. She also fluffs the words to Bohemian Rhapsody in the first ten seconds- not that it matters as she's still AWESOME.

Amazing? AMAZING.

Click next for more videos (that are actually good) from the show. We forget how many hits she has!