A huge squeal of excitement went round the office today - when the lovely people at Syco sent us a preview copy of One Direction's Take Me Home to review for you lovely lot.

It's fair to say that it feels as though we've been waiting forever this album, with the brilliant first two singles - Live While We're Young and Little Things - only making us even more bladdy desperate to hear the whole thing.

take me home album review

Well Scapers, the day has arrived and we. are. not. disappointed.

The boys have been saying for a while that Take Me Home is similar to Up All Night in terms of sound, and that's true to a certain extent - but this second offering from the biggest boyband on the planet also has a whole load more of added oomph, sass - and personality.

Basically, It's like Up All Night had a baby with something AWESOME.

Going on tour has clearly influenced the 1D lads too - we can imagine almost every single track sounding incredible in a stadium - and it's obviously been recorded with that in mind.

There's also more of a personal feel to a lot of the lyrics, which we'd expect, considering the boys got involved with writing this time round.

One Direction preview individual album covers for Take Me Home - PICS

The overall sound is obviously still pure pop - but there's more to it than that, with an ode to some of the (good) nineties boybands, a nod to eighties stadium rock and even some dance-music vibes - all wrapped up in the shiny One Direction style that we know and love.

Now we know you lot, and we knew that a simple summary of the HOTLY anticipated second album simply wouldn't be enough - so we've broken it down for you, track by flipping track.

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