One of the best things we've ever seen.

Sometimes, we come across something so UTTERLY BRILLIANT that we just have to share it with you - and Underwater Dogs undoubtedly falls into that category.

The premise is fairly simple, but oh-so-effective: It's photos of dogs. Underwater.

underwater dogs

Photographer Seth Casteel is responsible for these hilariously cute snaps, and has stuck them all in one book 'Underwater Dogs' for our viewing pleasure. Whadda man.

Speaking about the series of photographs, Seth said: "My series of underwater photos show a side of dogs we never get to see.

underwater dogs

Through the course of shooting I have worked under water with more than 250 dogs. Most of the dogs featured in this book hadn't been underwater until they met mem and some had never even been swimming!"


Look at this one - he's like a bladdy shark!

underwater dogs

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