Hot Chelle Rae show us how it's done

Are you a Hot Chelle Rae fan? The Nashville born band, comprised of hotties Nash Overstreet (Glee's Chord Overstreet's bro), Ryan Follese, Jamie Follese and Ian Keaggy, who play (in their words) 'elastifunk pop with a hip hop swagger'. They spawned the massive party hit Tonight Tonight and their album Whatever is due out next year.

Oh and they're really, really hot.

So we pinned them down to ask about their single Tonight Tonight and Chord Overstreet's cameo in the musci video. He's a bit of a ladies man in the vid so we wondered if he's the same in real life...

Ryan answered, "I would say yes, whenever we're hanging out we're having a really really good time and usually a lot of women come up and talk to him."

Hmmm we bet you get a lot of women approaching too Ryan.

We also got the boys discussing their tour with Taylor Swift next year and they promise to prank her for us.

Ryan joked, "She'll be the one doing the baking and we'll probably mess with her." Jamie jumped in with one idea, "We're going to unplug all her equipment." HA!

Check it out:

We hadn't finished with the boys yet, we'd noticed a lot of their songs are themed around parties so we wanted to know who was the biggest party boy of them all...

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