We’re making a raft as we type…

Rihanna’s Man Down has had a strange effect on us. Since listening to it we’ve started to wear our jeans real low, tuck our tops in our bras and have been bending our knees while swaying our hips and making gun shapes with our hands.

We’re cool like that.

So with that sexy image in mind, we’d like to show you the behind the scenes of the Man Down video.

It starts with Rihanna boarding an aeroplane to Jamaica and pretending to have a sleep.

Then she sits on a raft,

rides a bike while a lot of people surround her (did she never learn to ride without stabilisers?)

and dances into the early hours of the morning.

She also speaks in her lovely voice that we want to read us stories, but that’s for another day.

Click next to see the vid…