It's that time of week again, the time when Ed Sheeran's kitten, Graham the kitten, turns agony uncle to solve the problems and dilemmas you lot have submitted.

Check out the advice he's offered this week below, and remember you can still submit your questions here. Purrrrrr-fect.

Dear Graham,

I'm not a lesbian. But I'm falling for my best friend, a girl! Help??

Love from Lu

it doesn’t really matter either way, as long as you’re happy, and the other person in happy, do what your heart tells you to do. Meow

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Dear Graham,

How does one stay motivated to achieve life's goals?

Love from Alya

make a list and do everything on it one by one, set achievable small goes, but a lot of them, and don’t stop til they are done

Dear Graham,

My neighbor has a cat I hate because it meows all night. How do I get rid of it?

Love from Emerald

get a big male cat to go over there and dominate

Dear Graham,

How does one get adopted by Ed Sheeran? I would like to know for.....future plans.

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Love from Lego Mansion

you gotta be badass and fluffy, simple

Dear Graham,

How do I tell my best friend I like him?

Love from Susan


Dear Graham,

How do I get over the fact that I ate all my pizza?

Lovr from Jazzy :)

get another one

Dear Graham,

Do you like going to the vet? My cats are terrified of it - even the car ride over there. They don't really like their cat carriers either.

Love from Fiona

no i don’t like its scary, but they make me feel better

Whaddya reckon - think Graham is wiser than the wisest owl? Submit your questions here.

*IMPORTANT* - Graham The Kitten is NOT a trained medical professional. This information should NOT be used to replace consultation with or treatment by a trained medical professional, therapist, or any other qualified expert.

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