Those of you who know us well will know that two of our favourite things in life are One Direction and sweets.

So you can probably imagine the scenes of almost overwhelming joy that erupted in Sugarscape HQ when we clapped eyes on these photos of Louis Tomlinson made out of actual cake.

louis tomlinson made out of cake - one direction images -

Yes, there is now a legitimate way to eat Luigi's face.

The cakey creation was made to celebrate Yorkshire day, with Doncaster born Louis being joined by fellow Yorkshire residents Jarvis Cocker and Judi Dench, also in cake form.

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This is quite weird isn't it. This is quite a weird story.

Louis (note how we're carefully ignoring the fact that it looks NOTHING like him, because even we can appreciate how hard it must be to capture that sassy expression using only Victoria sponge) is seen wearing a Donnie Rovers shirt while having tea with Jarvis and Judi.

louis tomlinson made out of cake - one direction images -

He's also eating a slice of cake, which in this context techinically means that he's eating himself. CHEEKY.

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Watch to you reckon - want a taste of Louis' cream filling? The cakes go on display at Kings Cross station later this month, so pop by and have a look at him if you want. Just try and restrain yourself from looking his face.

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