Whether you're a Fifty Shades of Grey addict and have already watched the trailer 32 times or just find the whole thing way to cringe to even think about, if there's one thing you won't be able to resist it's got to be this parody, which just so happens to see the whole thing re-enacted by dogs.

They might still be in full costume, but Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson are looking pretty different these days. Hairier, some might say.

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OH ALRIGHT, we know they're golden retrievers but still, apparently that doesn't mean they're not still into paddle (brushes) and chains (well, collars).

Basically this needs to be made into a full-length movie ASAP. Please?

Have a watch:

So whadda ya make of all that? Reckon it's better than the real thing?

Let us know in the box below...

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What do you think?