We do love a good flash mob, but normally these sorts of things take place in spacious public areas across the world. So what we're about to show you is unlike anything we've ever seen before!

At the moment, Kylie Minogue ins travelling the world promoting her new album Aphrodite, looking somewhat like a Grecian goddess along the way.

She's now settling in Ibiza, but earlier this week she headed to Madrid, where she got up on stage to perform her current single, All The Lovers. But the audience weren't the only ones in for a treat, as Kylie was thrilled to see they had a surprise for her.

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The crowd had a dance routine of their very own all ready for her and it's pretty amazing to watch. Even Kylie was floored by this!

During an interview in Ibiza, Kylie said of the spectacle: "The crowd were overwhelming. They all learned the choreography. I looked up the street to see thousands doing it."

Do you think Kylie's flash mob was amazing, too? Comments, please...

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