All the contestants of this year's X Factor can only dream of becoming quite like Diana Vickers. She's talented, successful, stylish and seems to become more and more sweet each time we meet her.

She looked like she was sticking to the west-end when she took a part in The Rise and Fall of Little Voice, but we're happy to say that since the success of Once and The Boy Who Murdered Love, she's a fully-fledged superstar songstress!

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And how else to prove that other than by releasing a totally diva-esque single, My Wicked Heart, whilst showing off some feline and drummer-boy outfits in the video.

This takes her to a whole new level of cool, showing the claw is well and truly banished and behind her. Check it out...

It's official; we'll be dressing up as a leopard for Halloween this year! And we hope we look even half as good. The song may be all about wanting a man she can't have, but we think any boy would be an idiot to resist Diana!

Do you love My Wicked Heart as much as her previous singles? Comments, please...


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