We've always thought that Tom Hardy was pretty lovely to look at, but after seeing his interview on Alan Carr's Chatty Man we may love him even more.

Tom won the Orange Rising Star Award at the BAFTAs earlier this month, and didn't even attend the ceremony. When you hear is reason why, we're sure you'll end up loving him even more too!

We know, we need to man up.

*Sigh* it's just awful having to look at beautiful men all day isn't it? Sometimes we really hate our jobs.

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Tom also talks about Inception, being buds with Leo DiCaprio, and starring in the new Batman film; The Dark Knight Rises.

Alan Carr's bloody hilarious. He could interview our pile of M&S Cappucino Bar wrappers and it would be a hoot.

Are you as soppy as us about Tom Hardy?

Do you think Alan Carr's as gigglesome as we do?

What do you think?