There are many reasons to watch this video lovingly put together by our boyfriends, The Wanted, behind the scenes of their video, Lightning. Not just because we get to see beautiful faces like this:

And this:

They also take us on an educational journey.

Stops along said journey include:

  • Learning that “gangrenous” is a real word. We knew this already, but thanks for confirming.
  • Health and safety is really, really important.
  • It’s easier to dispose of a body then it is to do paperwork.
  • Tom Parker sounds funny when he says “puberty”: Pube-e-ae.

Oh we love a bit of Tom shaped rough.

So yeah, you should probably click next to see the video in all its shining glory. Oh and it’s really, really hilarious.

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Thank you boys, just thank you. Dirty little wotsits.

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