X Factor won the award for best Talent Show at the National Television Awards last night, and Little Mix won the X Factor (obvs), so it made sense for them to perform their most popular song from the show at the awards ceremony.

Would've been a little awkward if BGT had picked up the gong, but we're sure they would have carried on with it anyway.

Little Mix's Leigh Anne and Jesy on stage at National TV Awards 2012

The girls stepped out on stage in their signature playful outfits and bright make-up to sing En Vogue's Don't Let Go, the song that (we reckon) made them so popular while they were on the X Factor.

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Don't get us wrong, we absolutely love their version of the track - they were incredible when we saw them perform it live - but they're gonna have to start churning out a new one soon or people will begin to get bored.

Little Mix's Perrie Edwards and Jade Thompson performing at National Television Awards 2012

Unless the only other option is to play Cannonball, in which case we'll stick with Don't Let Go for the time being, thanks.

What did you think of their performance?

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What do you think?